Medical Massage

Description:  Medical massage is an outcome-based massage, specific treatment using various types of massage techniques targeted to address the client's specific diagnosis or problem, and achieve their medical goals as part of their doctors' treatment plan.  The licensed and certified massage therapist would have the client complete an intake form to better understand their particular medical issues and goals.  The therapist welcomes the opportunity to perform services in conjunction with the client's physician, physical therapist and/or chiropractor's  recommendations, and provide session  notes, upon request.  

Medical Massage can enhance and speed recovery from injuries and surgeries.  It can also address conditions such as spinal pain, sciatica, lymphedema,  hip, knee and shoulder problems, headaches and migraines, pre/post cancer treatments, plantar fasciitis.  Medical massage can also include working with heart patients, cancer patients, hospice patients and pediatric patients.

Personal Injury Claims & Workman's Compensation Claims

Wellness Encompassed is able to bill for personal injury and workman's compensation claims.  Pennsylvania health insurance currently does not accept invoicing from licensed massage therapists; therefore, if client is requesting reimbursement for massage through their health insurance, Wellness Encompassed will gladly provide a receipt for services.

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Age, illness or disability can reduce our capacity to be active or to enjoy many of the things that others take for granted.  Necessary medical procedures, intended to restore health, can further diminish independence and quality of life.  Medical massage can provide focused contact and attention by caring, skilled and experienced therapists that is both reassuring and enhances well-being.  It can provide comfort, support good health, relieve physical discomforts.

Caring touch can be profoundly powerful and have a positive effect on one's mental and emotional state, as well as physical stimulation that can relieve boredom and help the disoriented reconnect with the present and their state of being.  Nurturing touch can calm someone who feels frightened, depressed, or out of control. It can help them feel less lonely knowing that someone cares and supports them at a deep level.

Benefits for the Body:Benefits for the Mind & Spirit
Eases pain, muscle tension and crampsRelieves stress and anxiety
Enhances flexibility and stabilizationIncreases mental alertness
Increases circulation and lymphatic flowReconnects their mind with their body
Decreases frequency of pressure soresDecreases loneliness and feelings of isolation
Boosts immune systemProvides social interaction and connection
Provides tactile stimulationEnhances feelings of well-being
Induces the relaxation responseAcknowledges the individual's worth
Improves sleep Facilitates comfort and healing

Integrative Wellness Services


Geriatric Massage (Available in home; skilled/nursing facility or Southampton)

Hospice Massage (Available in home; skilled/nursing facility)

Ion Foot Bath Cleanse 

Lymphatic Enhancement Services 

Oncology Massage

BioMat Infrared Therapy 

Laser Therapy (Class IIIR Scalar Wave)

Percussion Therapy

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We are committed to giving you a customized, caring experience, using only the purest and most organic products available. We offer discount packages on Massage, Facial Treatments and Ion foot bath cleanses. 

We offer 3 introductory specials for new clients in our Southampton office, so you can affordably experience wellness!

50 minute customized Massage $59                   Organic Facial Treatment $64                   30 minute Detox ION foot bath cleanse $29.

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